June 21, 2023

Why do Caribbean Stories matter?

June is celebrated as Caribbean Heritage Month, where a spotlight is placed on the contributions of West Indians and the region as a whole and our contributions which helped to shape the United States [and the world]. 

No one can argue about our contributions of in the field of sports, music, food, science and technology, politics and policy and so much more. The VP of the United States is of Jamaican heritage and hell, my classmate from High School Shauna H. who went on to MIT after graduation, was on the team that helped to get Jeff Bezos to space last year.

We cannot deny the parts of ourselves and our identity that make us great and let’s continue to take up space in this big big world. I launched this collection a few years ago to place a spotlight on Caribbean authors whose work had a profound impact on the world by highlighting stories of Caribbean experiences. Each blend is a conversation starter or a push for tea lovers to go out and Read Caribbean and support our own.