May 17, 2023

5 Matcha Mistakes You're Making

Matcha is my absolute favourite way of having my caffeine fix. It's delicious, great for my mind and body and it is so versatile. There are many grades of Matcha and each tastes slightly different. Matcha has a naturally grassy and subtle taste which is an acquired one. Ceremonial grade has no bitterness unless made incorrectly. Grade A or a culinary Grade has a slightly bolder and more astringent taste. 


Sometimes matcha can taste bitter for these reasons:

  1. The water is too hot. Matcha is still green tea and the water shouldn't be boiling. Instead, water should be 185°- 195°F. 
  2. Your water to matcha ratio is off. If you're having matcha in the ceremonial way with just water, you should begin with 1 gram of 2.3 ounces of water or 1 teaspoon to a 1/3 cup of water. 
  3. You're using terrible matcha. Ceremonial Grade matcha is the highest quality available. It should be bright vibrant green in colour. Culinary matcha should never be had as a drink but instead should be saved for baking and cooking as the term suggests. When you are buying matcha, go for small tins in airtight containers that way it doesn't disintegrate too much over time and you'll go through the canister quickly. 
  4. You're using the wrong tools. You should try to have proper tools such as a chasen (bamboo whisk) and a deep enough bowl to allow for whisking vigorously. You can use an electric whisk but if you opt to, but ensure that you sift your matcha powder to limit any lumping in your drink.
  5. You're not preparing it correctly. I have seen and heard some horror stories. A fork or spoon cannot whisk matcha, it cannot simply be dissolved without some elbow grease. It should have enough oxygen to aerate the liquid and give a nice froth. This is when your matcha will truly be divine. 

Now up your matcha game, make delicious lattes, make a matcha lemonade or matcha coco by adding some coconut water. The possibilities are endless.