Cold Brewing your Teas
November 10, 2020

Cold Brewing your Teas


Cold brewing your teas is a quick and easy way of enjoying your assortment of loose leaf teas. This method allow you to enjoy the natural sweetness of your teas, as the flavour slowly extracts over a few hours. Because you do not use hot water, there are with less catechins and tannins released but it will also have a lot less caffeine. Pro tip: Try this method overnight so your tea will be ready when you are in the morning.

How to cold brew your tea:

Add 5 tsps of your favourite Likkle Tea blend to 1 quart room temperature filtered water and

leave in the refrigerator as follows: 

Green Tea, White Tea & Herbal Tisane for 3-6 hours 

Black Tea and Oolong Tea for 6-8 hours

Strain tea, add honey or your favourite and ice if you desire and serve.

You may also add frozen fruit, or fresh herbs to your tea for a splash of added flavour.