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Our Story

Likkle Tea is Jamaican for Little Tea. There's a popular saying on the island that, "There's nothing a likkle tea can't cure."  

Almost every Jamaican child can attest to every day starting and ending with a piping cuppa, made from local herbs. They will also agree that if they had any ailment, they'd be told, "Just drink a likkle tea!," before a doctor was called.

We were taught that tea was at the centre of self-healing. But, as our founder got older, she got busier and forgot to take time-out for herself.

After a period of running herself tired, physically and mentally, a friend reminded her of the wonders of tea. She then found herself drinking tea at least 3 times daily and then got into a routine which revived her body and her spirit.

In her quest to find a better tea experience for herself, she embarked on a journey to do so for many Jamaicans at home, to spread the joy of tea. 

Fast forward a few months, tons of research, training copious cups of tea later... Likkle Tea, a Jamaican tea company, was born.